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Teamspeak server:​

If you are having problems and need immediate help that’s the best way to get it. If you can’t join a channel and need to get help you can always poke someone with an (M) or (A) icon beside their name and they should be able to help you.​

Game Servers

There are often two game servers running, one public and one private. The public server is open for anyone to play on and doesn’t require a password or any mods (see below). The private server typically requires a password and is used for running operations. The password varies depending on the op, so it’s best to ask about it in teamspeak before attempting to join (either directly with another player, or by poking a CO or NCO).​

To find the servers, open the multiplayer browser and enter “[JTF2]” in the filter. The public server should show up as something like this:​
[JTF2] – Tactical Realism #1​
The private server will show up as something similar when it’s available.​

If you’re having trouble connecting to the server, check out this post from the Support forums.

Public And Private Mods

Most of the time the public server runs without REQUIRING any mods. That is, you can connect and play without having anything installed. However, the list of COMMON MODS below are generally allowed and most members run with some or all of them.​

Instructions for setting up the mods for public and private play are here.

Ranks And Basic Training

When your squad application is accepted you will be sent a message informing you of a time and date for an ‘Orientation’ session. During this session a trainer will go over the rules and give you some general information on the squad. At this time you will also be given access to the website and allowed to use the [CDT] squad tags after your name.​

At some point shortly afterwards we will schedule a BCT (Basic Cadet Training) session. During this session we will go over a lot of the basic Arma controls and functionality to make sure all recruits start on the same page and that everyone knows how to use the required mods.​

After completing BCT you will need to participate in a private op with other JTF2 members. Once the op completes, the existing JTF2 members will review your behaviour and you will be approved. At this point you will be able to use the [PVT] tags and will be a member of the squad.​

If you are anxious to have a BCT and haven’t been contacted yet, make a post in the forums asking when the next BCT session will be. These are scheduled by the NCO’s when there is a need for them, but sometimes things slip through the cracks.​

Squad XML

​Looking to get a cool JTF2 logo on your shoulder and on vehicles you’re in? Go to this thread and make a post and you’ll be 100% more awesome.​