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Thank you for your interest in joining Joint Task Force Two [JTF2]!

JTF2 is an ArmA 3 Tactical Realism clan built upon four guiding principles of Integrity, Teamwork, Respect, and Fun.

Integrity: All members of the clan are expected to be mature in attitude.

Teamwork: Missions run by JTF2 push the envelope and we are always striving to make each member better. You will learn to rely on your fellow members and they will learn to rely on you. If one person doesn't do their part it can mean mission failure.

Respect: All members of JTF2 are expected to be respectful of others regardless of age, experience or rank. Everyone should feel welcome in the community and all opinions/suggestions matter.

Fun: At the end of the day, win or lose, we're a gaming community. We strive to have a fun environment for our members both in game and out.

If you feel you uphold these principles then join today!

To join there are 3 easy steps:

1. Be an active member of our public server & TeamSpeak. (Please play with us before applying)
2. You will need to Register on our site.
3. Fill out an Enlistment Sheet once registered.

Once you have filled out your enlistment sheet, command will look it over and approve you for training. After training you'll be an Enlisted member of JTF2 able to take part in all the perks. To improve your chances of being accepted be an active member in the community. Join our members on teamspeak (Server Address: www.JointTaskForce2.com) , and play with us on our public server.