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Joint Task Force 2 (JTF2) is a continually growing community of gamers dedicated to ARMA III, the mods, and the engine that make up the ARMA series. Founded in July of 2013, we’ve built a great squad with the help of a friendly community of gamers, game masters, and developers. We at JTF2 love the adrenaline rush of ARMA combat and teamwork; if you are a gamer looking for some fun tactical gameplay, JTF2 is the perfect place for you.

The core of our gameplay is realism and tactics; a means that enforces efficient and cooperative play which is both engaging and fun. We continuously continue to perfect our skills through training sessions and post-play analysis is encouraged through in-game debriefings by the mission organizer. JTF2 members get together multiple times throughout the week and typically run organized operations on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays for epic combat and teamwork. Our servers are open 24/7 to members in various time zones throughout the world, though most of our operations take place during North American play-times (GMT-8 to GMT-5).

We provide Basic Training for both new players and experienced players alike.The aim of Basic Training is to ensure an equal playing field and to equip players with foundations to allow for better communication and ease of operations; it is an enjoyable and supportive session that introduces you to other friendly players in our gaming community while familiarizing you with JTF2 operations and the ARMA III environment. Optional specialist training sessions are available to improve your skills further, but most learning experiences take place in missions.

JTF2 is the place for leaders, followers, mission designers, scripters, and the average Joe who just wants to have fun. JTF2 continues to grow and develop with its members; with our developers constantly working on mods and customization to cater to our diversifying community. We hope that this page gives you some insight to what we do!

Hope to see you on the battlefield!

The JTF2 Team.